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recommended car lot. A small used car dealer off a highway in Jersey be good? That isn't exactly what I thought I was getting into, but I couldn't have been more wrong.

Through the USAA auto buying site, I found an '08 Chevy Cobalt, manual everything, 57k miles - under $7k. I figured the thing had to be a salvage, right? I mean, that was over $2k under blue book. I went directly to their website to verify the information on USAA, where I found they offered the full carfax on the vehicle, online, for free, which showed that it had only had a single owner, no accidents, and included the complete service history. I hopped on a bus and got out to Jersey after work.

Michael picked me up from the bus stop with the vehicle and let me drive it back. The car was beautiful and ran perfectly, just like the ad said. Now here's the kicker. I was in a hurry to move so I committed the cardinal sin of used car buying and bought the vehicle without having an independent mechanic check it out, instead relying on the carfax history and hope. When I got to Baltimore, my buddy who's a mechanic checked the car out and confirmed that everything was in beautiful shape. The car then continued to drive to Illinois, then down to New Orleans without the slightest issue.

As for dealing with Quickway, Michael spent more time working on getting all my paperwork in order for the Louisiana DMV than he did selling me the car. When I got to the DMV in Louisiana, all the paperwork was in order and I got my plates immediately without any problem. I don't know about you, but I never had that easy a trip to the DMV when I thought I knew what I was doing.

Icing on the cake? While the paperwork was getting handled on my car, Michael let my dog run around in the fenced in back yard. What more could you ask for?
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by from Budd Lake NJ |

I purchased a truck from Michael at Quickway and got a good deal on a good truck. I was having some trouble getting my loan approved through my bank which took a little more then a week to get straightened out. Most dealers will not hold a vehicle for more then 24 hours but with no hesitation Mike held the truck for me. I was curious to see if they were really holding the truck for me so I did a drive by past the dealership and sure enough the truck was in the back of the lot. Every time I emailed Michael he replied immediately and returned every phone call. I would recommend purchasing a car from quickway. Michael made the process super easy

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Great service! Very happy with my purchase!

by from Long Valley, NJ |

Quickwayauto.com is such a model dealership! Arthur, the owner has been in the town doing the car dealer business for the past three decades. He and Richard are so knowledgeable about cars and they are very pleasant to do business with. They provide excellent service. The CARFAX report is ready online for you to check for most cars they sell. The price is reasonable. The loan process is quick. The followup (license plate and registration and etc) is carefully taken care of. They have just made the entire process a nice and easy one. Next time, if I ever need a car, I would definately go them first.

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Great Choices - Great People

by from Hackettstown, NJ |

I was very pleased with the quality of the cars on the lot. The people were friendly and helpful. I closed the deal painlessly and quickly. I love my new car.

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Excellent Service and Support

by from Budd Lake, NJ |

Russ Maxson: I have traded a lot of cars in my life with a lot of different dealerships. This was my first time at QuickwayAuto and I am completely satisfied. The dealership and staff are second to none. Their sales team was very knowledgable and stayed on task with me making my first purchase with them very enjoyable. I will be back, as my auto needs change! Thank you Rich, and Art, and the entire Quickway Staff. Located in Hackettstown, NJ 07840 They delivered on everything promised and I couln't be happier with my Mercedes purchase.

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Caliber STR4

by from North Bergen, NJ |

Gene is the man!.. he made the buying process nice and easy. My car is great , I love it!!.. if you are looking for nice quality used cars, look no further and give this nice people a visit. Thanks again

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by from Long Valley N J |

I saw a Gt500 Shelby on line and Art called the dealer in Texas and worked out a " dealer price " that saved me over $ 2000.00 .

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